Do you need legal advice on dealing with trucking and insurance companies? Are you stressed about getting repair and medical bills paid? Do you need help with litigation and negotiating settlements?

Powers Law Group handles all types of tractor trailer truck accident cases, including those that involve:

  • Detaching trailers
  • Product liability
  • Drunk or fatigued drivers
  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Excessive speed
  • Drivers falsify log books

The Federal government requires tractor-trailer and other large truck operators to acquire a commercial drivers license and undergo limited drug and alcohol testing. However, many truck safety advocates question the effectiveness of the licensing and testing program.

Every year, nearly 500,000 large trucks (tractor-trailers or “semis”) are involved in traffic accidents in the United States. Approximately 5,000 of these accidents involving semi trailer trucks result in fatalities. In addition, many cases are won when the driver operates the vehicle for more hours than logged in the driver’s book. The personal injury attorneys at Powers Law Group are your tractor-trailer accident lawyers in Macon, GA and they are there to help you.

 Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys Macon GA

Types of Truck Accidents

  • Tractor Trailer Driver Fatigue
  • Truck Accidents Caused by Cargo
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents Resulting from Faulty Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  • Truck Accidents Caused by a Drunk Driver
  • Wrongful Death from Trucking Accidents

Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Lawyer Testimonials Macon GA

Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by Darryl J.
Darryl J.

Hello. My name is Darryl Jackson and I was involved in an incident while I was hit by a tractor trailer in 2011. And after talking with Jeffrey and Adam, things started happening. These gentlemen helped get my money started, and my medicine and my meds.

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The Macon attorneys at Powers Law Group can counsel you regarding your legal rights, negotiate with insurance companies and litigate your claims.

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