Testimonial by Senior Judge E. Byron Smith

I first met Jeff Powers in the infancy of his practice.  He was lead counsel in a civil case involving a nurse who had been injured in an accident.  The injuries were not extensive to the plaintiff but there was evidence of negligence by the defendant.  From the very beginning of jury selection and throughout the trial, it was evident to me that here was a young lawyer who knew what he was doing, he had prepared his case with research and knowledge of the law and facts.  The verdict was evident of his abilities and demeanor. I told him after the trial to continue not being intimidated or lose focus and to bring the matters he represented to trial before a jury if need be.  As the years passed and his practice widened, he held to those beliefs and so did his abilities.  Jeff has become well known by his adversaries as well as his fellow attorneys, not only in personal injury but now extending to workers compensation.  His dedication to ethics and preparation have earned him respect from juries, his opposing counsel and the bench.  His family oriented manner is a significant part of his life that coincides with his practice of law.  He has quick ability “on his feet” in the courtroom as well as compassionate treatment of his clients which is a measure of his success.  I have kept up with his progress and have a personal admiration for him as a lawyer and a friend.  Having spent almost 50 years as an Attorney, District Attorney, and as a Superior Court Judge gives an insight to character, appearance and what constitutes outstanding legal ability.  Jeff possesses the qualities that should propel him to the highest standard of success in the future.

With best regards,

Senior Judge E. Byron Smith
Flint and Towaliga Judicial Circuits

Personal Injury Testimonial by Lisa G.

Great Guys

When I first came to Powers Law Group I was a passenger in an accident, 5 years ago. Jeffery really showed great concern about me as a person as well as my case. I always kept him in mind if I needed legal help. Unfortunately I was in another accident this year and the first person I thought about was Jeffery Powers. Jeffrey and Adam helped me to get a great settlement. I not only gained a lawyer but I gained friends.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Tina C.

Workers Comp Testimonial

I was injured on the job. I was stuck on the “Worker’s Comp Merry Go Round” until my husband saw Jeff‘s commercial and suggested I call him. It was the best thing I could have ever done. When you are disabled, you are made to feel like less of a human being. Jeff, Adam, and their staff treated me like a person, not a case number. Whenever I emailed them with a question, Jeff or Adam would call me right back with an answer. That meant a lot to me. They got me the money I needed to survive, but more importantly, they gave me back my self respect!

Personal Injury Testimonial by Kenny R.

Hired Attorney – Very good at the job

I was injured in a car wreck and I hired them after being referred to them, I am not disappointed at all. They did a very good job. They really take their job and my concerns very seriously. Jeff and Adam are very respectable lawyers and I appreciate every thing they did for me!

Workers Comp Testimonial by Steven R.

After fighting with the workers compensation insurance group for a while I hired The Powers Law Group.

I had a hard time keeping my weekly checks coming in from workers compensation and got a referral to Mr. Powers from my Mom in North Carolina. Mr.Powers took my case and handled all the problems as they came up. Having Jeff powers in your corner is the best way to handle workers compensation.

Premises Liability Testimonial

Mr. Powers did a great job helping me to understand the procedures in getting my case handled. His staff were excellent too!!

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Gary C.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Gary C.

Hello, I’m Gary Christian. I was recently hurt at work. I was hit on the head by a book shelf and got diagnosed with a contusion. The workers comp people sent me to their doctors and the medication and treatment they were doing didn’t seem to work. I was recommended to a law firm which is Powers Group and they put me in the right direction. Got my medication started. Got my pay started. They got everything on a roll. I didn’t have to do nothing. At the end, we come up with a settlement and I just thank Powers Group for what they did – fantastic people!

If I hadn’t got in touch with Jeffrey and Adam at Powers Law Group, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am now. After dealing with these people, things turned out to be good because they went out of their way to help me and I thank them for that.

Powers Group wil inform you every 30 days or whatever is going on with your case so you won’t have to worry about it. And if I knew anybody that’s been hurt and need a law firm, I recommend them to Powers Law Group and they will take care of you.

Johnny J. Workers Compensation Testimonial

Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by Johnny J.

I am so grateful that another lawyer decided to associate jeff powers of Powers Law Group on my case.  I got hurt at work and ended up having surgery on my neck.  Jeff and his team was there for me and got my case settled for a great amount.

Overall rating: Excellent

Trustworthy: Excellent

Responsive: Excellent

Knowledgeable: Excellent

Kept me informed: Excellent

  • I recommend Jeffrey Powers.
  • I hired Jeffrey 1-6 months ago.
  • Jeffrey handled my Workers Compensation case.

Macon Workers Comp Lawyer

A law firm that works for the client

Mr Powers and Mr. Adams are lawyers that are genuinely concerned about their clients. They do not treat you as a case number. Once the Powers Law Group takes on your case they and their staff treat you as though you were an immediate close relative. They work diligently on your case, make sure that you understand every thing concerning your case at each phase, and communication is effective. I did not think that I needed a lawyer for my workers compensation case but I soon realized help was necessary. I am thankful that I chose the Powers Law Group, they are lawyers of integrity. Thank you Mr. Powers and Mr. Adams for all your hard work and support.

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer

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Colin H

Honest and Knowledgeable Macon Lawyer

Colin HMr. Powers is excellent to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and knowledgeable Attorney.



Honest Macon Attorney

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Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial

Mr. Powers and staff are an excellent law firm .I would strongly refer them to other people. Thank you for an awesome response to my case. Thanks to your staff for great customer service and support.

~ Shellyvonne A.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.53.26 AM

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Macon Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial by Kristi

Macon Car Accident Testimonial

Macon Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial by KristiAfter being in a high impact car accident, I was shocked that the other driver’s insurance company was asking me to settle less than 48 hours after the accident, I had broken ribs and was extremely sore and bruised all over. I had not seen my Doctor for testing, since the accident was on a Saturday. After seeing my Doctor Monday, and several more phone calls from the insurance company badgering me, I called a close friend who is a real estate attorney. He recommended for me to call Jeff Powers. My husband and I met with Jeff and I was so relieved with in the first few minutes of our meeting. We have 4 children and run a small business and I could not imagine having to continue to deal with the insurance company. Jeff was knowledgeable, compassionate, and very confident about my case. He handled everything for me and took so much stress off of me and my family. The first offer made to me was $500 We settled for $49,000. Jeff is easy to talk to, personable, sincere and I believe the best in his professional field. I would recommend Jeff to anyone in need of legal counsel.

~ Kristi L.


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Macon Trial Lawyer Workers Compensation Testimonial

Macon Trial Lawyer Workers Compensation Testimonial by Daniel C.

My name is Daniel Clark. I had an accident August 01 2013 where I had crushed my ankle. Surgery was required. I was laying up in the hospital wondering was I going to lose my job. I was getting phone calls from my coworkers saying hey they talking about terminating you.

Went home a couple of days later. I was advised by my … I was contacted by my Uncle Bernard who used Powers Law Group in his case and I contacted them. I didn’t have to get an appointment. Adam came right out. Like I said, I wasn’t sold on them at first because I had seen so many commercials of lawyers saying that their going to help you, you know and a lot of them look like they’re just jumping on the bandwagon to try to get somebody. It’s just a fad. But these guys, they came out. They’re genuine. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They advised me of my rights. They said hey this is probably what’s going to happen. A happen – B’s going to happen C is going to happen. It came out just like they said.

I got my workers comp started. Some days.. some weeks I wouldn’t get a check. I would let them know what was going on. They would contact the insurance company – I would get my check. I had problems getting my mileage paid, they took care of that. My case went like clockwork. These guys did exactly what they said they were going to do. I was kind of afraid that things were going so fast, but they played out everything. They informed me of my rights and everything happened just like they said they were going to do. These guys really got me paid. They care about their clients. They’re genuine. Just like my uncle said in one of his testimonial if you’re looking for a powerhouse attorney, contact the Powers Law Group, they really care about you, they will get you paid and they are not afraid to take on a big corporation.

Workers Comp Trial Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Pam N.

Macon Workers Comp Trial Lawyer Testimonial by Pam. N.

Hi, my name is Pam. I was injured on the job. when a file cabinet turned over on me and I tried to catch it. I was referred to the Powers Law Group by my previous attorney due to the complexity of my case. Jeff and Adam handled my case very promptly.

I had a lot of problems with the insurance company not approving paying such as surgery. Jeff and Adam were right on it and settled the problems in the issues very promptly. The Powers Law Group was very aggressive in handling my case. At one point my checks were cut off for several weeks putting me in a financial bind. Jeff was right on it filed the appropriate papers to have a hearing and was successful in getting my checks reinstated with penalties and interest.

Whenever I called the Powers Law Group, they were very accessible. Not once did i hear Jeff say hang on, let me get your file. He knew exactly who I was and what was going on with my case. I highly recommend the Powers Law Group. They will work for you and will succeed in getting you a settlement that you will be very pleased with.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Carla

Workers Comp Testimonial by Carla P.

Workers Comp Testimonial by CarlaI was hurt on the job and all I wanted was to get the care I needed but because the insurance company wouldn’t return my phone calls, I couldn’t even get in to see the doctor. I met with Jeff and Adam and within a day everything changed! It was such a relief to be able to focus on just getting better and no longer having to deal with the insurance company. Everyone at Powers Group was wonderful, professional and quick to respond. Absolutely the team you want on your side!

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Workers Comp Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial

Workers Comp and Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by Brenda L.

Workers Comp Personal Injury Lawyer TestimonialMr.Powers has represented me in 2 different cases and he went above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of and treated fair. I will always used Mr.Powers as my attorney because he got me the maximum amount from my case,treated me right, and with respect. Thanks Mr.Powers for everything you do and did for me.

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Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Gloria T.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Gloria T.

Hi. I’m Gloria. I relocated to Georgia because of Hurricane Katrina. Took a job at CVS – never worked in the retail business before. Got hurt on the job. What led me to call a lawyer was the insurance company was treating me very unfair. They were treating me like I wasn’t even a human being. Went to the workman’s comp doctor and I found Jeff’s phone number in an advertisement. Called him and I’ve had their undivided attention since. They kept me abreast of everything. It took 4 years to end this case, but Jeff and Adam did not stop until I was compensated. Need help? Call the Powers Law Group. Jeff and Adam will be there for you!

Warner Robins Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial

Warner Robins Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by Bernard M.

Hi. My name is Bernard Mangham. I’m from Warner Robins, Georgia. I got hurt in ’09. I had to have back surgery. When I was looking for a lawyer, I was looking for someone that was trustworthy, honest, and that would take care of me and get everything, all my bills and just do everything like A1. I was led to Adam and Jeff by a mutual friend. The insurance company gave me a hard time about my surgery. Adam and Jeff, they got on it, got me paid. They took care of me. They’re honest and trustworthy, I can tell anybody. If you need a lawyer, call Powers Law Group and they will take care of you because they really are a “Powerhouse”!

Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by Darryl J.

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by Darryl J.

Hello. My name is Darryl Jackson and I was involved in an incident while I was hit by a tractor trailer in 2011. I went to the house and layed down for a while and I started having pains. My wife said, “Baby, let’s go to the doctor.” We went up and went to the doctor. After we left that doctor, the job called me the next day or a day or two later trying to get me to come back to the job and I was still in pain. So, there wasn’t any money coming into the house where I could take care of my family and kids.

I called Powers Law Group because a couple of friends had mentioned what Powers had done for them. And when I called, I asked, could I have an appointment and they said, “Well, Mr. Jackson, do you need us to come by the house? Are you able to make it here?” And through hearing that, that let me see that they were willing to come to my home and see about me. That was a way of telling that they were a good company.

So, me and my wife, we showed up and told them about the situation at hand. The job wanted to pay me workman’s comp. It was stressful to think about not being able to provide for my family. And after talking with Jeffrey and Adam, things started happening. I got a phone call saying, “Darryl, your workman’s comp check should be coming in the mail soon.” And they got that taken care of.

So, with that being said and done, these gentlemen helped get my money started, and my medicine and my meds. And they made sure I got to see a doctor that was concerned about me and my health and my well-being. And so, Jeffrey and Adam are not just a law group to me and my family. They are like family because they are concerned about the people and their situation. So, to me, Darryl Jackson, they are like family and I thank Powers Law Group for all they do. And if you have an injury, those are the gentlemen that I suggest you get to.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Britt R.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Britt R.

My name is Brittney Rozier. I’m a truck driver delivering medical oxygen tanks. I was delivering oxygen tanks to a local office here in Macon, GA and I hurt my back and had to have surgery and the lawyer that Powers Law Group really helped me a lot on trying to get me in and out of my doctor’s appointments.

I was going through the Macon Occupational and the workers comp insurance that I had was giving me the runaround didn’t give me a doctor’s appointment or was pushing me off to see a doctor. I called Powers Law Group and they pushed the insurance to get me into a doctor’s office quickly and in a prompt manner of time.

Actually, my wife saw it online, saw the reviews and saw that Powers Law Group was the best law firm in Macon. From the first day, they were excellent! They handled all of my expenses. They got that all taken care of. All the doctor’s appointment that I had to make sure that I was seen about in a timely manner. Everything was paid for by the insurance company. I got all my appointments as scheduled. My surgeon… he had released me and Powers Law Group found another doctor that would see me that saw that I still had issues going on with me and they were seeking the help that I needed for me.

So, Powers Law Group is a good law firm and I would suggest that to anyone.