Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by Darryl J.

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by Darryl J.

Hello. My name is Darryl Jackson and I was involved in an incident while I was hit by a tractor trailer in 2011. I went to the house and layed down for a while and I started having pains. My wife said, “Baby, let’s go to the doctor.” We went up and went to the doctor. After we left that doctor, the job called me the next day or a day or two later trying to get me to come back to the job and I was still in pain. So, there wasn’t any money coming into the house where I could take care of my family and kids.

I called Powers Law Group because a couple of friends had mentioned what Powers had done for them. And when I called, I asked, could I have an appointment and they said, “Well, Mr. Jackson, do you need us to come by the house? Are you able to make it here?” And through hearing that, that let me see that they were willing to come to my home and see about me. That was a way of telling that they were a good company.

So, me and my wife, we showed up and told them about the situation at hand. The job wanted to pay me workman’s comp. It was stressful to think about not being able to provide for my family. And after talking with Jeffrey and Adam, things started happening. I got a phone call saying, “Darryl, your workman’s comp check should be coming in the mail soon.” And they got that taken care of.

So, with that being said and done, these gentlemen helped get my money started, and my medicine and my meds. And they made sure I got to see a doctor that was concerned about me and my health and my well-being. And so, Jeffrey and Adam are not just a law group to me and my family. They are like family because they are concerned about the people and their situation. So, to me, Darryl Jackson, they are like family and I thank Powers Law Group for all they do. And if you have an injury, those are the gentlemen that I suggest you get to.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Britt R.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Britt R.

My name is Brittney Rozier. I’m a truck driver delivering medical oxygen tanks. I was delivering oxygen tanks to a local office here in Macon, GA and I hurt my back and had to have surgery and the lawyer that Powers Law Group really helped me a lot on trying to get me in and out of my doctor’s appointments.

I was going through the Macon Occupational and the workers comp insurance that I had was giving me the runaround didn’t give me a doctor’s appointment or was pushing me off to see a doctor. I called Powers Law Group and they pushed the insurance to get me into a doctor’s office quickly and in a prompt manner of time.

Actually, my wife saw it online, saw the reviews and saw that Powers Law Group was the best law firm in Macon. From the first day, they were excellent! They handled all of my expenses. They got that all taken care of. All the doctor’s appointment that I had to make sure that I was seen about in a timely manner. Everything was paid for by the insurance company. I got all my appointments as scheduled. My surgeon… he had released me and Powers Law Group found another doctor that would see me that saw that I still had issues going on with me and they were seeking the help that I needed for me.

So, Powers Law Group is a good law firm and I would suggest that to anyone.

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Client

Workers Comp Lawyer Macon GAJeff is a great lawyer. He made sure I received the medical care I needed. He answered all my questions and I would recommend him to anyone needing a Workers Comp attorney.

Premises Liability Lawyer Macon GA

Premises Liability Client

Premises Liability Lawyer MaconI was referred to Jeff Powers by a close friend as I was represented by a TV law firm from Atlanta.  I went to see Mr. Powers when the statute of limitations was about to expire.  I had two weeks left and my case would have been over.  I never met with anyone from the first law firm and barely spoke to them when I had questions.  All of the people at Powers Law Group including Adam, Krissy and Tiffany were very helpful and nice.  They answered my questions and they treated me like family.  Powers Law Group was able to get my case resolved very successfully.  I would tell my friends and family to use this firm.

Car Accident Lawyer Testimonail Macon by Toronda

Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial Macon

Car Accident Lawyer Testimonail Macon by TorondaMr.Powers has represented me in 2 different cases and he went above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of and treated fair. I will always used Mr.Powers as my attorney because he got me the maximum amount from my case,treated me right, and with respect. Thanks Mr.Powers for everything you do and did for me.

Overall rating: Excellent

Trustworthy: Excellent

Responsive: Excellent

Knowledgeable: Excellent

Kept me informed: Excellent

  • I recommend Jeffrey Powers.
  • I hired Jeffrey 1-6 months ago.
  • Jeffrey handled my Car / Auto Accident matter.
Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by Steven

Personal Injury Lawyer Macon Testimonial

I was stopped on Gray Highway at a traffic light, 7, 8 cars in front of me. I had no place to go. Couldn’t go to the right or left, cars coming past me on both sides. A dump truck came behind me. I saw he couldn’t stop. All I did, was turn the wheel to the right, take my foot off the brake, and before I put my foot on the gas to try to get in the other lane, he hit me and knocked me into another lane. Knocked me two lanes over. I drove to the hospital. I didn’t damage my truck beyond driving. I drove up to the Coliseum Hospital. They X-Rayed me, of course. X-Ray won’t tell anything. You can’t tell by X-Ray. You have to go take a MRI. I’ve had 6 or 8 of those throughout the years make sure what’s going on. Previously when I got hurt at work, I had workman’s comp and I had to deal with workman’s comp. Well, that took three years to settle that. In and out of court. In and out of social security court. Been in court before . . . Unbelievable! We didn’t have to go to court this time. We were able to settle everything out of court. Jeffrey was able to take care of everything without having to go to court at all. Everything was settled satisfactory though. A mutual friend recommended Powers attorney. She recommended that I do business with him and I’ve been very satisfied since. Before you do anything if you’re injured, get an attorney.