Occupational Diseases

Workers who suffer occupational disease are entitled to compensation for lost wages and medical treatment under the Workers’ Compensation Law.

The Workers’ Compensation Law defines an occupational disease as any ailment that is contracted or aggravated due to the nature of a particular type of work. According to the law, the fact that an ailment or illness is contracted at the place of employment is not, in itself, enough to make it an occupational disease. The test used to determine what is and what is not an occupational disease is whether the nature or conditions of a particular type of work create a risk to employees who perform such work that is not shared by employees generally.If you or a loved one needs to determine if your situation is classified as an Occupational Disease and covered under Workers’ Compensation please call Attorney Jeffrey N. Powers or Attorney Adam Beecher to let them assess the facts to see if you qualify.

Occupational Disease

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