Coliseum Family Day Macon

Coliseum Health System’s Community Benefit Report

Annually, the system provides a free health screening day at the campus of Coliseum Northside Hospital. This year, over 1200 people participated in the event, which included more than 25 booths of free screenings, health information, food and children’s activities.Local Macon attorney Jeff Powers has run in marathons. He’s competed in triathlons. He even swam across the Alcatraz Bay in San Francisco during one competition.

Needless to say, he’s not someone who expected to find that he had high cholesterol – an early warning sign for heart attack or stroke.

“I decided to go to one of the Coliseum Health Fairs and they were doing a variety of free health screenings, so I took advantage,” Powers said. “When they sent me the results I was very surprised about my cholesterol level.”

Powers, who is married and has a nine-year-old and seven-year-old, worked on changing his diet and getting more exercise. “I am eating better and trying to make sure that I exercise regularly.” Powers said. “My cholesterol is where it needs to be now.”

Powers credits the Coliseum with doing its part to keep the community healthy.

“Coliseum is fantastic,” he said. “They are very beneficial to the community in what they are doing inside and outside the hospital. The screenings and lab work that I had would have cost hundreds of dollars if I would had it done in the physician’s office. Coliseum did all that for free and helped to make sure that I stay healthy for my family.”