Donnie RobinsonA family member recommended that I go see Jeff Powers at Powers Law Group. I had been hurt while working for my company that I had worked for over 22 years. I didn’t want to file a workers’ compensation case because I wanted to go back to work, but I did need help with the car accident situation. We were filing a claim against my own uninsured insurance policy because the person who caused the accident left the scene and didn’t have any insurance. My insurance company was absolutely ridiculous to deal with. I had been insured with them for years and they certainly were not around to help me when I got hurt through no fault of my own. In fact, they offered less than $5,000 to settle my case. My lawyer also had to fight with my workers comp insurer who tried to subrogate the money I was entitled to from my own automobile insurance policy. Mr. Powers’ firm filed a lawsuit, served discovery, took depositions and got the case ready to go to trial. Then my personal auto insurance company agreed to pay $62,500 to settle my case which was more than $12,500 of my policy limits. My medical bills and lost wages from work were paid by my job insurance.