I injured my knee at work and didn’t think that I needed to hire an attorney to help me with my workers’ compensation case. That was a huge mistake!  The nurse case manager who was assigned to my case, by the insurance company, was definitely not on my side. She kept meeting with my doctors and I believed she was trying to help me. It turns out that she was definitely not advocating for me but was a mouthpiece for the insurance company.  I quickly realized that the insurance company was more concerned with their bottom line than with my medical care, and I decided that I needed an advocate to represent ME, and I hired Jeff Powers at Powers Law Group.

Mr. Powers arranged for me to receive treatment at one of the best orthopaedic clinics in the country – The Hughston Clinic in Columbus, GA. Dr. Waldrop performed a successful surgery on my knee which allowed me to return to work (what I really wanted). Mr. Powers was also able to authorize all of my prescription medications, made sure that my weekly check was paid on time, and also ensured that I received my full mileage check to pay for my transportation costs (the insurance company never told me that I was entitled to this).

Mr. Powers filed several hearing requests for me because the insurance company would not authorize certain medical treatments for my knee such as injections which were ordered by doctors at the Hughston Clinic and knee surgery which was recommended by my doctor there.  In fact, the insurance company was ordered to pay Mr. Powers assessed attorney fees by the judge because they were so unreasonable because they denied medical treatment to me by my doctors.

Mr. Powers did a fabulous job and was able to get the knee surgery approved that allowed me to go back to work. All in all, I received a $90,000 recovery on my case.
I cannot recommend Powers Law Group highly enough. They truly care about people. That’s hard to come by in this day and age!