I had worked for the same company for almost 23 years. I fell down at work and hit my head. A clot formed on my brain and I ended up having surgery at the hospital to remove the clot. Despite having memory and speech problems, the doctor who operated on me sent me back to work without any restrictions. I couldn’t believe that he did that. I also had a shoulder problem and had surgery on my shoulder too. The workers compensation insurance company offered me $6,000 to settle my case. That’s when I decided I should talk to a lawyer. Another lawyer said I should meet with Jeff Powers of Powers Law Group. Mr. Powers and Mr. Beecher did an outstanding job. They were always available to talk and help me and my husband get through this process. Powers Law Group found a new doctor for me who would listen and treat my pain. I did not believe that the employer’s doctor thought of my interests. Powers Law Group was able to successfully settle my case for a total package of $209,000 which included a Medicare Set Aside Account.

E. Birts