I got hurt on my job. I was out of work when my disability ran out. I was just left without any kind of income. I was still under the care of the doctor, but it did not matter to my job. I was terminated. Attorney Jeffery Powers worked real hard and got me the help that I needed.

Attorney Powers handled everything. He and his staff were the nicest and most respectable people I know. They gave me the utmost respect. Attorney Jeffery Powers kept me up to date on everything that was going on pertaining to my case. He worked very, very hard to get the best results that he could for me.

If you are ever hurt from your job, or a car wreck, or any kind of injury Attorney Jeff Powers is the one you should call. I know because I was his client. So, if you are hurt and in pain pick up the phone and call Attorney Jeffery Powers for the best results. ~ Very satisfied client, Sherry Howell