Macon Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial by Kristi

Macon Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial by KristiAfter being in a high impact car accident, I was shocked that the other driver’s insurance company was asking me to settle less than 48 hours after the accident, I had broken ribs and was extremely sore and bruised all over. I had not seen my Doctor for testing, since the accident was on a Saturday. After seeing my Doctor Monday, and several more phone calls from the insurance company badgering me, I called a close friend who is a real estate attorney. He recommended for me to call Jeff Powers. My husband and I met with Jeff and I was so relieved with in the first few minutes of our meeting. We have 4 children and run a small business and I could not imagine having to continue to deal with the insurance company. Jeff was knowledgeable, compassionate, and very confident about my case. He handled everything for me and took so much stress off of me and my family. The first offer made to me was $500 We settled for $49,000. Jeff is easy to talk to, personable, sincere and I believe the best in his professional field. I would recommend Jeff to anyone in need of legal counsel.

~ Kristi L.


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