Workers Comp Testimonial by Maureen O.


Conversation with Maureen O.

JNP – Maureen how was your experience at Powers Law Group?

MO – I love Jeff and I love the staff, Amy has been wonderful and I can’t say enough about anyone that has any issues per any cases I highly recommend seeing Jeff and the crew. They are fabulous.

JNP – And how is your experience dealing with workers comp and what happened to you at Belks?

MO – Workman’s comp is a nightmare and the insurance that goes with working at Belk has been a nightmare, but through it all even though they were late in payments, Jeff was on top of it and he was able to get payments to me so that I would not be evicted from my home. He was able to deal with cases and deal with my insurance and deal with my medical bills that could not have been handled if it wasn’t for Jeff and the crew.

JNP – Are you glad it is over with?

TG – Yes sir. Thank the Lord.