Macon Trial Lawyer Workers Compensation Testimonial

My name is Daniel Clark. I had an accident August 01 2013 where I had crushed my ankle. Surgery was required. I was laying up in the hospital wondering was I going to lose my job. I was getting phone calls from my coworkers saying hey they talking about terminating you.

Went home a couple of days later. I was advised by my … I was contacted by my Uncle Bernard who used Powers Law Group in his case and I contacted them. I didn’t have to get an appointment. Adam came right out. Like I said, I wasn’t sold on them at first because I had seen so many commercials of lawyers saying that their going to help you, you know and a lot of them look like they’re just jumping on the bandwagon to try to get somebody. It’s just a fad. But these guys, they came out. They’re genuine. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They advised me of my rights. They said hey this is probably what’s going to happen. A happen – B’s going to happen C is going to happen. It came out just like they said.

I got my workers comp started. Some days.. some weeks I wouldn’t get a check. I would let them know what was going on. They would contact the insurance company – I would get my check. I had problems getting my mileage paid, they took care of that. My case went like clockwork. These guys did exactly what they said they were going to do. I was kind of afraid that things were going so fast, but they played out everything. They informed me of my rights and everything happened just like they said they were going to do. These guys really got me paid. They care about their clients. They’re genuine. Just like my uncle said in one of his testimonial if you’re looking for a powerhouse attorney, contact the Powers Law Group, they really care about you, they will get you paid and they are not afraid to take on a big corporation.