Macon GA Lawyer Testimonial

Dusty was employed at a large hardware store and injured her knee on May 5, 2010. When she came to see us in September of 2017, her weekly workers compensation checks had been suspended and her claim was a medical only claim. Dusty had three knee surgeries and we were able to prove that she was going to need a knee replacement due to her work accident. As a result, the employer agreed to pay a significant settlement to resolve her case.

I’m so glad that Mr Christy referred me to y’all and that y’all took my case. You know I’ll always recommend y’all to anyone who needs a Attorney.

Y’all took a case that didn’t look like it was going to be anything and not much money and that no one wanted. And turned it into, hopefully getting me better…. and for that, I’m Grateful and Humbled.  I don’t think there’s enough kind words for all of you in that Office.

Thank you for making me feel very comfortable, answering my questions and making me feel comfortable and like family. Y’all have been absolutely awesome. And if you ever need music, just let me know.

God Bless