Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by Steven

I was stopped on Gray Highway at a traffic light, 7, 8 cars in front of me. I had no place to go. Couldn’t go to the right or left, cars coming past me on both sides. A dump truck came behind me. I saw he couldn’t stop. All I did, was turn the wheel to the right, take my foot off the brake, and before I put my foot on the gas to try to get in the other lane, he hit me and knocked me into another lane. Knocked me two lanes over. I drove to the hospital. I didn’t damage my truck beyond driving. I drove up to the Coliseum Hospital. They X-Rayed me, of course. X-Ray won’t tell anything. You can’t tell by X-Ray. You have to go take a MRI. I’ve had 6 or 8 of those throughout the years make sure what’s going on. Previously when I got hurt at work, I had workman’s comp and I had to deal with workman’s comp. Well, that took three years to settle that. In and out of court. In and out of social security court. Been in court before . . . Unbelievable! We didn’t have to go to court this time. We were able to settle everything out of court. Jeffrey was able to take care of everything without having to go to court at all. Everything was settled satisfactory though. A mutual friend recommended Powers attorney. She recommended that I do business with him and I’ve been very satisfied since. Before you do anything if you’re injured, get an attorney.