Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by J. Wallace

Our client was driving home from a long day at work at a cellular phone store. The defendant failed to yield the right of way and turned into our client. The defendant hired an accident reconstruction expert to allege that our client was speeding and not using her headlights. She hired our firm and we hired an accident reconstruction expert who confirmed her lights were illuminated. Our client was taken by ambulance to the hospital and her leg and wrist were operated on within hours of the accident.We proved that her lights were illuminated and she had the right of way. Case successfully settled for $450,000.

10′ Ford Van that hit J. Wallace

Personal Injury Testimonial by J. Wallace

Speaker 1: What’s your name?

Jalissa Wallace: Jalissa Wallace.

Speaker 1: And what happened to you, Miss Wallace?

Jalissa Wallace: I was in an accident, January the 2nd. A car hit me head on, and I was injured really bad. I had injuries to my leg and my wrist. My kids were in the car, they were injured as well. It was just a bad time that day.

Speaker 1: Where were you going?

Jalissa Wallace: I was going to my dad’s house, leaving from my mother’s house after work picking up my kids.

Speaker 1: Did you get medical treatment?

Jalissa Wallace: I did get medical treatment. I had surgeries, I had three surgeries, had a blood transfusion. I was on multiple medications and I had to do home health therapy to learn how to re-walk.

Speaker 1: What did you have surgery on?

Jalissa Wallace: I had surgery on my wrist and two surgeries on my leg, a tibial plateau fracture.

Speaker 1: How long were you non-weight bearing?

Jalissa Wallace: Non-weight bearing on my leg for about, what was it, eight weeks, I think it was, at a time, and then I went back and it was like eight more weeks. So it was a good little while, a couple of months non-weight bearing on my leg and my wrist.

Speaker 1: Where were you working before the accident happened?

Jalissa Wallace: Before the accident I was working at T-Mobile as a sales representative.

Speaker 1: Did you lose your job because of this wreck?

Jalissa Wallace: I lost my job. Because of the wreck I wasn’t able to go back to work. I was out of work for a while because I was just not able to go back to work, so I did eventually lose it.

Speaker 1: How have you done since having surgery with the doctor?

Jalissa Wallace: I’ve done okay. I’m able to walk again now, but it does still have a lot of pain, yeah.

Speaker 1: And, why did you decide to hire a law firm?

Jalissa Wallace: I just decided to hire a law firm, I thought it would be in my best interest to try to, you know, have someone represent me.

Speaker 1: Why did you decide to hire Powers Law Group?

Jalissa Wallace: We actually looked at your reviews online. We saw that you had five stars and things like that, so that initially made me go see you, and the fact that you wasn’t on TV I liked that. Because those TV commercials are crazy.

Speaker 1: Are you happy with the result?

Jalissa Wallace: I’m very happy with the results, yeah.

Speaker 1: And would you recommend us to other people?

Jalissa Wallace: I would definitely recommend you guys to other people. One thing I said in my review is that I liked that you guys treated me like I wasn’t just a case number, because I did go through a lot of different lawyers and I called around just tying to get, like, a consultation and things like that. And there was a couple of them that I called, and when I called back and they had no clue who I was. Like they were e-ask me some of the same questions, and I never had that when I called your office. You guys knew exactly who I was and the situation, like I didn’t have to re-explain anything, so I really liked that about it, that it wasn’t just a case number, I don’t know who this person is. That’s what I liked about it.

Speaker 1: So, when you were hurt after having surgery on your leg and your wrist, did you have somebody help you take care of your kids?

Jalissa Wallace: I had to get help. My aunt helped out. My baby’s father helped out. I had other people that really had to help me out because I really couldn’t do much after the accident on my own for a while, so I did have a lot of support.

Speaker 1: Are you taking care of your kids again?

Jalissa Wallace: I am.

Speaker 1: Do you have anything else you want to say?

Jalissa Wallace: No. Nothing I could think of. I’ll probably think of a million things when I leave here, but yeah, not right now.

Speaker 1: Are you glad it’s all over with?

Jalissa Wallace: I am glad it’s over with. I mean, it’s hard just reliving that night over and over again, so yeah I’m glad it’s over with.

Speaker 1: How did it make you feel when you saw that video of you laying in that ambulance that night?

Jalissa Wallace: It took me right back to that day, and I really just, it’s kind of like I felt it all over again. I wanted to cry, but I held it in. I held it in.

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