Personal Injury Workers Comp Testimonial by Tyler M.

Tyler was injured in a car wreck while working for employer.  He hurt his back and neck.  He did not require surgery and was able to go back to work without restrictions, but unfortunately they fired him because he got hurt on the job.  Since he was released to full duty, the insurance company stopped paying workers comp benefits.  Powers Law Group settled both cases for $55,000 and was able to have the subrogation lien dismissed.

Conversation with Tyler M.

Tyler: Y’all did a first class job.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers): What did you look for in a law firm when you decided to hire somebody?

Tyler: Somebody that wasn’t going to play around, beat around the bush, drag it out. You got it done and over with, man I appreciate that. Ya’ll helped me get in to see the doctor and get therapy right away.

JNP: What kind of challenges did you face from the insurance companies while you were getting treatment?

Tyler: It was tough, they, but y’all pulled it off. Y’all aint no TV lawyers I can tell ya that. I get so sick of seeing those commercials.

JNP: Would you recommend us to other people?

Tyler: Absolutely, Absolutely. Y’all got me from now on.

JNP: And you feel like we treated you fairly and efficiently?

Tyler: Oh yea, absolutely.