Macon GA Lawyer Testimonial

I first met Jeff Powers in the infancy of his practice.  He was lead counsel in a civil case involving a nurse who had been injured in an accident.  The injuries were not extensive to the plaintiff but there was evidence of negligence by the defendant.  From the very beginning of jury selection and throughout the trial, it was evident to me that here was a young lawyer who knew what he was doing, he had prepared his case with research and knowledge of the law and facts.  The verdict was evident of his abilities and demeanor. I told him after the trial to continue not being intimidated or lose focus and to bring the matters he represented to trial before a jury if need be.  As the years passed and his practice widened, he held to those beliefs and so did his abilities.  Jeff has become well known by his adversaries as well as his fellow attorneys, not only in personal injury but now extending to workers compensation.  His dedication to ethics and preparation have earned him respect from juries, his opposing counsel and the bench.  His family oriented manner is a significant part of his life that coincides with his practice of law.  He has quick ability “on his feet” in the courtroom as well as compassionate treatment of his clients which is a measure of his success.  I have kept up with his progress and have a personal admiration for him as a lawyer and a friend.  Having spent almost 50 years as an Attorney, District Attorney, and as a Superior Court Judge gives an insight to character, appearance and what constitutes outstanding legal ability.  Jeff possesses the qualities that should propel him to the highest standard of success in the future.

With best regards,

Senior Judge E. Byron Smith
Flint and Towaliga Judicial Circuits