Workers Comp Lawyer Macon Testimonial by Britt R.

My name is Brittney Rozier. I’m a truck driver delivering medical oxygen tanks. I was delivering oxygen tanks to a local office here in Macon, GA and I hurt my back and had to have surgery and the lawyer that Powers Law Group really helped me a lot on trying to get me in and out of my doctor’s appointments.

I was going through the Macon Occupational and the workers comp insurance that I had was giving me the runaround didn’t give me a doctor’s appointment or was pushing me off to see a doctor. I called Powers Law Group and they pushed the insurance to get me into a doctor’s office quickly and in a prompt manner of time.

Actually, my wife saw it online, saw the reviews and saw that Powers Law Group was the best law firm in Macon. From the first day, they were excellent! They handled all of my expenses. They got that all taken care of. All the doctor’s appointment that I had to make sure that I was seen about in a timely manner. Everything was paid for by the insurance company. I got all my appointments as scheduled. My surgeon… he had released me and Powers Law Group found another doctor that would see me that saw that I still had issues going on with me and they were seeking the help that I needed for me.

So, Powers Law Group is a good law firm and I would suggest that to anyone.