Workers Comp Testimonial by Margie R.

How did you get hurt?

I got hurt at work. I fell at work and hurt my ankle.

Where did you get medical care?

First Apple Care, and then we were funneled into Middle Georgia Orthopedics.

What can you tell us about your experience in dealing with the workers comp insurance company?

Different. Interesting. I was unfamiliar with the whole process. Some guidance from Middle Georgia Orthopedics with their workman’s comp. Workman’s comp was actually prompt for me, wasn’t a fight to get the weekly checks and to get approved for the things that the doctor said that I needed.

How did Powers Law Group help you?

I had really good lawyers and I felt prepared because of you guys that I have a plan. You guys had planned out. Your experience had me in a place that I could relax and trust to know what you guys were doing. So it wasn’t a nervous situation that I wasn’t distrustful or worried that the outcome would be different or not favorable.

Tell us about your mediation experience.

Mediation was relaxed and it felt organized. The mediator was a huge part of a peaceful process. He was calm. He was knowledgeable and personable. He didn’t seem nervous. He had done this enough. So he’s experience showed through. I didn’t know much about his knowledge bus he was a good mediator. He did his job. He didn’t make it an US versus them. Good people, bad people. It was, here’s the facts and we’re settling the facts and that’s the way we handled it. It wasn’t something where they’re the bad guys in the other room. So his demeanor projected that. And because [Alan 00:02:55] was also experienced, he prompted more conversation and with his questioning it was, you could tell there was a step by step structure. It wasn’t, oh no, we don’t know what to do. So the actual mediation was a peaceful mediation instead of feeling like it will pull your hair out.

The final number was based in prayer, in studying God’s word and the word Shalom, meaning peace in Hebrew. I had prepared the day before and come up with numbers based on the number associated with the words in the Old Testament, when you went to the concordance number and the word peace was the word that was the focal point. This is peaceful. It’s not about me. It’s about what happened. And because God is my provider, I knew he would lead me through this and in Old Testament so that his word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. It literally was that. So he gave peace to something that needed a resolution through the word Shalom and the specific number in the concordance that goes with peace. So that was somewhat unorthodox. I wasn’t the one trying to figure out how much is it going to cost me to get reeducated, how much do we need to pay off whatever.

It was God, where is your peace. And when I found out that the lawyer for them was a Jewish man, it was breath taking that through this settlement and his language, he understood peace, the word peace. And I had no way of knowing that their lawyer would a Jewish man. And it really was aweing.

Would you recommend Powers Law Group?

Oh absolutely. Yes. The knowledge base, the support that I received, that I wasn’t ever out in the cold. I never felt alone. And not only with you, Jeff or Adam, but the girls too. The ladies that answered the phone, prompt return calls. I was always kept in the loop. There was information passed back and forth. There was no gap and I was never left wondering, oh no, what are they doing? Do they care about me? That wasn’t an issue. I knew after our first sit down that when Middle Georgia Orthopedics gave me a list of lawyers that I was led to the right ones that cared about the people that came to them. I felt cared for, understood, supported and well represented.