Macon GA Lawyer Testimonial

Conversation with Chris Z.

  • Yall been real good. Yall have. Anything I ask to do your secretaries knew more about, I’m from the woods. I ain’t stupid but I just note know much of these $50 words, but uhh…they tell me right off the bat whatever that doctor say they can tell me what it was.   I kinda always thought they had a medical degree or something cause they could tell me more of what ya know they would. I know I would get angry sometimes, I’m real hot tempered but I need to apologize if I get excited sometimes. But yall did a real good job Jeff. And I told you that the other day. Yall went way out of yall’s way to make , it didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would but it, I can live off of this. I can get on disability now and I can buy me a place to live and I can live off of disability.

JNP: What did you think about the workers compensation process?

  • If it hadn’t been for yall I wouldn’t got done or been able to do this, ya know workers comp they, every time I call yall when they didn’t want to agree to an operation, your secretary was on it the same day. And a lot of times the next day id be approved about something.

AB: Would you tell other people to call us?

  • I will, ya. I’ll tell other people to call you and you did a real good job. I aint just saying this, cause I’m honest yall know that. Yall did a real good job.

JNP: You ready to move on with your life?

  • Yea, I’m going to have to be off radar again I know that. But I just don’t want to do it right now.

AB: Did you like the doctor who operated on you?

  • The doctor was good, but he, just some of the stuff, he did a good job on me, but I got hurt at work on that bulldozer, but for 6 months he had done a real good job. I was in bad shape, I couldn’t even walk before, until I got my shot. I couldn’t even stretch my leg out. The next day he had me in there getting a shot.

AB: Jeff came out and saw you in the hotel room you were living in?

-Yea, and I was, had had one shot then and I was still humped over. But I was in bad shape and I am matter of fact. I got me a buck so I can hunt, and I’m picking it up tomorrow. I can’t tote my lock on….. (in audible)

But I appreciate what yall have done for me.