Workers Comp Testimonial by Robert Z.

Client suffered back injury while working as a maintenance mechanic for his employer.  He needed assistance as the insurer would not let him see a specialist.  Powers Law Group helped him work through the maze of the workers comp system and get him the medical care he needed which included surgery on his back.  The case settled for $137,500 after a long two year litigation battle.

Conversation with Robert Z.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers) – Robert, how was your experience here and being represented by Powers Law Group for your workers comp case.

RZ (Robert Z.) – My experience here was above and beyond. Way more than what I anticipated and thought. Jeff you are awesome. If I had to compare you to someone, it would be compared to Barak Obama. You pull things out that you never thought that would ever happen.

RZ- And I want to tell you thank you for everything that you have done, you and your whole entire staff has been courteous beyond, I couldn’t believe from the time I walked through the door to the time I leave, the courteous can be awesome.

RZ- Happy is an understatement. I am very elated that you represented me in the highest and utmost respect. Yes Jeff, Thank you and Thank you and Thank you. I got tears in my eyes from how handled this.

JNP- Thank you very much, I really appreciate that.