Macon GA Lawyer Testimonial

Our client rolled his ankle working for a tree removal company.  The insurance company was difficult because they would not allow him to see a doctor immediately.  He hired us and we were able to schedule him with an orthopaedic surgeon who specialized in lower extremity injuries.  After surgery on his ankle and once he was released to return to light duty restrictions we settled the case for $110,000.

Conversation with Timothy G.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers) – What did you look for in a law firm when you made a decision to hire somebody?

TG (Timothy G.) – I looked for you to take over my case and guide it through the whole process and you have done great the whole time and I couldn’t be more thankful.

TG – Have you hired us before?

TG – Yes sir, once before and you helped me out then too and you helped great with this time also.

JNP – What kind of challenges did you face while you were involved in this workers comp injury?

TG – Just pain, suffering, going from living lavish to not having a thing, losing things, but everything pulled through and it is going to be great from here on out.

JNP – What are you going to do now?

TG – Going to get my CDL and make a career for myself and take care of my family and that is the only thing I am worried about.

JNP – Are you glad it is over with?

TG – Yes sir. Thank the Lord.