Dear Jeff,

I received your card and all I can say is that you are surrounded by beauty. I will never forget all that you did for my family. You got us enough money to pay off the bills and also fix the house. I will never forget the week we added 20 feet to Mother’s room and a fireplace with a 51″ TV and a chair that would do everything but feed her (ha ha). She left from that room going to heaven. She was so happy and 95 years old.

Jeff, 2 other laywers said they could not help, but you said don’t worry you would take care of everything. I thank God for you. Your are so special.

Thank you Jeff for the pictures every year. We love to see the girls. Your wife is a special, beautiful lady. Looking forward to my card next year – if I am still living! Getting old Jeff –

Love ya!

Donna Bryan