Lying in a hospital bed after being struck on my motorcycle by an elderly woman in her 90s, having experienced a compound fracture, multiple titanium plates installed in my left leg, and about 20 screws, I knew I needed a lawyer to run interference between me, the medical providers, and insurance companies. Dealing with the hospital billing office would have been difficult for me as an individual with little knowledge of what types of settlements they might actually take. I needed a lawyer who was knowledgeable and experienced in these matters. I also knew that getting auto insurance companies to pay up would be best handled by a lawyer. The morass of laws, policies, procedures, etc., was more than I cared to tackle. I lacked the knowledge and leverage to deal with these corporate entities. I was already handicapped by my injury and needed to focus on healing, so I looked up injury lawyers online and I am now very glad I settled on Jeffrey Powers.

Mr. Powers came to see me in the hospital shortly after I called him. He went directly to the police station and got the accident report. I believe it was the same day that he had the insurance information on the driver who hit me, the policy limits, etc.. He also was able to get the Underinsured Motorist provision on my own policy to pay out.

My recovery took nearly six months start to finish with three hospital stays and surgical procedures. The hospital socked it to me. The care was very good, but the charges were exorbitant. Mr. Powers represented me with skill and got the hospital to reduce their bill to less than 20% of what they would have required me as an individual to pay. He made sure there was money remaining from the insurance settlement to compensate me for pain and suffering. The results he produced were beyond what I expected. ~Joseph (from Avvo)

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