It has been a stressful time for me, and thankfully, I had Jeff on my side. He looked out for my rights and my best interests. I highly recommend Jeff and his great team he has behind him. I am very thankful for all of his help and guidance. Thank you!! God bless!

Dear Jeff,

I cannot begin to tell you have thankful I am that you accepted my case mid-stream, or how grateful I am to you for the way you handled it.  You treated me with the upmost respect and genuine concern for my well-being, always working toward my best interest. I was not just another case on your case load.  Without you and your diligence, I would not have received the generous settlement that I did.  It was an extremely long and up-hill battle, but you continuously fought hard for me and my interest, especially when the insurance company refused treatment my doctors requested and said I needed, resulting in immediate and favorable results.

You and your entire staff are absolutely wonderful and I will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your services to anyone who has been injured on the job.

Thank you again for everything you did for me; I am eternally grateful.

~ Pam Nix

This was my first experience with a lawyer who handles workman’s comp cases. I was very impressed with the staffs knowledge of cases similar to mine.

When I felt that I was not been treated fairly by my employer, I hired Att. Powers to represent me.My employer would not let me choose my doctor from the list posted at the company. I was told I had to use the company doctor and they were ready to send me back to work in pain.

Mr.Powers and all of his staff did an excellent job of making sure that I was always informed of what was going on thru out the duration of my claim. I could not be more pleased with outcome of my settlement.

Dear Jeff,

I received your card and all I can say is that you are surrounded by beauty. I will never forget all that you did for my family. You got us enough money to pay off the bills and also fix the house. I will never forget the week we added 20 feet to Mother’s room and a fireplace with a 51″ TV and a chair that would do everything but feed her (ha ha). She left from that room going to heaven. She was so happy and 95 years old.

Jeff, 2 other laywers said they could not help, but you said don’t worry you would take care of everything. I thank God for you. Your are so special.

Thank you Jeff for the pictures every year. We love to see the girls. Your wife is a special, beautiful lady. Looking forward to my card next year – if I am still living! Getting old Jeff –

Love ya!

Donna Bryan

I wanted to let anyone considering getting a workers’ comp lawyer that they should hire Powers Law Group. Krissy, Adam and Jeffrey were very helpful and took the time to explain what I needed to know and how to deal with the insurance company. Before I hired Mr. Powers, I switched my doctor and the insurance company would not let me change again. Mr. Powers know what to do to get me a new doctor who would treat my knee injury and get a very high settlement of $100,000. I had to move around a lot while they were my lawyer and Powers Law Group made sure the insurance company sent my weekly checks on time and to the correct address. They also made sure I was transported to the doctor at the insurance companies expense. I would recommend Powers Law Group to anyone looking for a lawyer.

~ M’Lissa Booth