It has been a stressful time for me, and thankfully, I had Jeff on my side. He looked out for my rights and my best interests. I highly recommend Jeff and his great team he has behind him. I am very thankful for all of his help and guidance. Thank you!! God bless!

Completely Satisfied!! Jeff helped me through a stressful situation. He always kept my rights and my best interests in the forefront.

I hired Mr. Powers in 2003 after hurting my neck and back at work.  My workers comp benefits were about to run out because the statute of limitations was closed.

My daughter and son–in–law told me to call the Powers Law Group.  Jeff and Adam had represented him in a workers comp accident.  They were fantastic.  I hired them to help me against a store where I fell down and hurt my back.  The store and the insurance company said it wasn’t their fault and I should have watched were I was going.  I am so glad I hired Powers Law Group.  They filed a lawsuit for me and did an excellent job.  They were all there for me anytime I had any questions about my case.  ~ Elizabeth C.

The Powers Law Group was absolutely wonderful. They answered all of my questions and were there for me throughout this case. I would strongly recommend them to handle any car accident case. I was hit by a driver who didn’t stop at the accident. I didn’t know what to do. I am so glad that I called Jeff Powers’ office. They took care of the liens I had too. ~ Thelma Amica

Jeff Powers in my book is a lawyer for the people. The everyday common person . You don’t have to worry about Jeff looking down his nose at you when you enter his office.

Working with Jeff was great…Mr.Powers and his staff kept me informed throughout my entire case.

I was extremely surprised in the enormous settlement i received from the Powers Law Group.Take my advise if you are in need of an honest,reliable attorney go see Jeff Powers.

Working with Jeff was a very pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend him to someone in need.

A family member recommended that I go see Jeff Powers at Powers Law Group.  I had been hurt while working for my company that I had worked for over 22 years.  I didn’t want to file a workers’ compensation case because I wanted to go back to work, but I did need help with the car accident situation.  We were filing a claim against my own uninsured insurance policy because the person who caused the accident left the scene and didn’t have any insurance.  My insurance company was absolutely ridiculous to deal with.  I had been insured with them for years and they certainly were not around to help me when I got hurt through no fault of my own.  In fact, they offered less than $5,000 to settle my case.  My lawyer also had to fight with my workers comp insurer who tried to subrogate the money I was entitled to from my own automobile insurance policy.  Mr. Powers’ firm filed a lawsuit, served discovery, took depositions and got the case ready to go to trial.  Then my personal auto insurance company agreed to pay $62,500 to settle my case which was more than $12,500 of my policy limits.  My medical bills and lost wages from work were paid by my job insurance.

Dear Jeff,

I cannot begin to tell you have thankful I am that you accepted my case mid-stream, or how grateful I am to you for the way you handled it.  You treated me with the upmost respect and genuine concern for my well-being, always working toward my best interest. I was not just another case on your case load.  Without you and your diligence, I would not have received the generous settlement that I did.  It was an extremely long and up-hill battle, but you continuously fought hard for me and my interest, especially when the insurance company refused treatment my doctors requested and said I needed, resulting in immediate and favorable results.

You and your entire staff are absolutely wonderful and I will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your services to anyone who has been injured on the job.

Thank you again for everything you did for me; I am eternally grateful.

~ Pam Nix

“When my back was injured at work, Jeffrey Powers got the help I desperately needed. His passion and commitment willed results.”

Jeffrey Powers went above and beyond to get me the medical help I needed and was very trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and kept me informed at all times. I highly recommend him to anyone who is injured and needing help. I was very grateful and completely satisfied with Jeffrey Powers and his whole staff.

– Alex Threlkeld
a Workers Compensation client in Macon, GA

I will be referring everyone I know who has a worker’s compensation or personal injury suit to Jeff. Communication was extremely efficient and fast. All of my questions were answered fully and in a manner that I understood instead of a lot of legal jargon. When the insurance company didn’t hold up to what they were supposed to Jeff was right on it and the situation handled immediately. The staff truly cared about me as an individual, remembered what was going on in my life. ~ Johnny Stephens

Jeff is an excellent Attorney and I have recommended and will always recommend Jeff as the Go-to lawyer. He has helped us in my husband’s workers comp case in 2011 and also with my husband’s motor vehicle accident in 2012. He went above and beyond what we expected with us having to do very minimal. He, as well as his professional staff, have always kept in great contact with case details and were very prompt with returning phone calls and emails even when not in the office!

I heard about Powers Law Group from a close friend of mine in Ashburn, Georgia. I had worked for the same factory for over 23 years. In 2006, I was at work and walking to the bathroom when I fell down and severely injured my knee. I had surgery with Dr. Barber and he said there was nothing more he could do for me, even though my knee still hurt. That’s when I decided to get Jeff Powers to help me.

Mr. Powers and his team helped me understand the workers comp process. My employer never explained that I could change doctors and see somebody else. My lawyer filed for Catastrophic designation and I had to fight my employer. I am so happy with the final result Powers Law Group got for me. They helped me get an excellent settlement and also a Medicare Set Aside account to pay for my doctor bills for the rest of my life.

~ Linda Gamble

I had not considered getting a lawyer when I was first injured and Started a workmans comp claim. just a few months into my treatment I started to realize that I was not being treated very fairly by my boss, the doctors, or the insurance company.

Jeff and his entire staff were wonderful during a very difficult and trying time in my life. After working for a company for nearly 29 years I was injured on the job. I never knew there would be so much involved in getting the medical care and benefits I needed. Jeff and Adam guided me throughout the entire process. This took many surgeries over several years. They never failed to answer any question or act on any problem. They always had my back. Jeff and the entire staff helped me get through a bad time in my life.
I felt like we were family by the time it ended. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for great representation.

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sonny. workers compensation client

I had worked for the same company for almost 23 years. I fell down at work and hit my head. A clot formed on my brain and I ended up having surgery at the hospital to remove the clot. Despite having memory and speech problems, the doctor who operated on me sent me back to work without any restrictions. I couldn’t believe that he did that. I also had a shoulder problem and had surgery on my shoulder too. The workers compensation insurance company offered me $6,000 to settle my case. That’s when I decided I should talk to a lawyer. Another lawyer said I should meet with Jeff Powers of Powers Law Group. Mr. Powers and Mr. Beecher did an outstanding job. They were always available to talk and help me and my husband get through this process. Powers Law Group found a new doctor for me who would listen and treat my pain. I did not believe that the employer’s doctor thought of my interests. Powers Law Group was able to successfully settle my case for a total package of $209,000 which included a Medicare Set Aside Account.

E. Birts

This was my first experience with a lawyer who handles workman’s comp cases. I was very impressed with the staffs knowledge of cases similar to mine.

I had problems with the insurance co. approving treatment for my neck/back injuries until Jeff got involved. Jeff did exactly what he said he would do and then some.

We highly recommend Jeff Powers to anyone in need of an attorney. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and truly concerned for your welfare. We were recommended to Jeff by the attorney handling my accident case. We never knew we would need a worker’s compensation attorney but Jeff was willing to be there if we did. It turned out we did need him.