I was hesitant about getting a lawyer to help me with my injury at work. I worked for the employer for over 36 years. I hired Jeffrey N. Powers to represent me. Jeffrey Powers and his staff were very attentive to my needs. He explained everything to me. Mr. Powers selected a doctor for me that really helped my pain. Through Mr. Powers hard work, I obtained a settlement of $130,000.00 dollars. ~ Dorthy J.C.

I was hurt driving a company vehicle. I was rear ended by a wrecker with a car on the back of it. My vehicle was struck in the rear and pushed into another vehicle. My left shoulder was injured severely. The doctors were unsure whether they could correct the damage to my shoulder, but after surgery, I continued to suffer. When I hired Jeff Powers as my attorney, he asked me to be patient and let him do his job. Although I was thinking it was a losing battle, Jeff was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $250,000.00.” I may not be a rich man, but I have good friends, good advice, and a good and caring attorney. ~ Glenn “Tony” W.

You met my expectations in all areas. I was very pleased in all aspects, even down to questions I asked concerning different areas. Thank you for your services. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your firm is thorough and showed expertise in the working of workers’ compensation and laws. I will certainly ‘spread the word’ about your firm. Jeff Powers, you are a very fine gentleman and I felt at ease talking with you. You all have done a fine job and showed great concern for me and my family. ~ D. J. Washburn

I got hurt on my job. I was out of work when my disability ran out. I was just left without any kind of income. I was still under the care of the doctor, but it did not matter to my job. I was terminated. Attorney Jeffery Powers worked real hard and got me the help that I needed.

Attorney Powers handled everything. He and his staff were the nicest and most respectable people I know. They gave me the utmost respect. Attorney Jeffery Powers kept me up to date on everything that was going on pertaining to my case. He worked very, very hard to get the best results that he could for me.

If you are ever hurt from your job, or a car wreck, or any kind of injury Attorney Jeff Powers is the one you should call. I know because I was his client. So, if you are hurt and in pain pick up the phone and call Attorney Jeffery Powers for the best results. ~ Very satisfied client, Sherry Howell

I got injured at a nursing home where I had worked for over 9 years. The insurance company sent me to their doctor who said my injury was degenerative and not related to the work accident. I retained Jeff Powers to represent me and he had me evaluated by 3 other doctors who helped prove our case. I was very happy with Mr. Powers’ office staff and his ability to help me achieve an excellent settlement of my case. I would strongly recommend him to anyone I know who needs an aggressive lawyer. ~ Aureila Woods

Jeff started working with me in Jan. of 09. He was always there for me, sometimes just to listen to me vent. He handled a workers comp case for me, and I received a decent settlement. His office staff are some of the nicest people I have meant. They are very friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend Jeff and his staff. Actually I was so impressed with Jeff and his staff I have decided to become a paralegal. I start classes on the 7th of April. Don’t listen to that guy that says “One call thats all”. ~ Linda W. on Yahoo

We were very happy with the result that Mr. Powers achieved for our case. His office staff was responsive to our phones calls at all stages. This was a very difficult time for us and put a strain on our family.

We would strongly recommend Jeffery Powers to anyone who has been hurt in a car accident and needs a lawyer who will not just accept the insurance companies’ low ball offer. Mr. Powers will take the case to court if necessary. ~ Margaret Kidd & Leslie Tober

Jeff Powers is an excellent attorney. He was very attentive to me as a client and always answered my questions. He took care of me like I was his top priority. When it came time for the settlement, he was aggressive and I was able to get the highest settlement possible. I could not be more pleased. ~ Sharon on Avvo

I was getting run over by my employer after my accident with doctors visits, late payments, and getting prescriptions filled. Mr. Powers got me the medical treatment I needed. He educated me on my rights. He put a stop to all the run arounds I was getting from the insurance guys. I couldn’t have foreseen a better outcome with my case, than the one provided by Mr. Powers and the top notch team he has put together in Macon, Ga. Plus he got me the cash settlement I deserve. They were courteous, helpful, and always professional. If you’re in need of a dependable, honest, and hardworking lawyer. You will not find a better one than Mr. J. N. Powers and his team of Powers Law Group in Macon, GA. ~ Chris Brown

Jeff was very helpful in presenting options for me to pursue in my personal injury matter. He has excellent research skills which uncovered several nuances of law pertaining to the particular industry where I was injured. He worked on a tight schedule to get the case ready for court, and I expect a favorable outcome due to his knowledge of the law and court proceedings. I received personal attention and never felt hurried. Jeff answered all my questions and returned my phone calls at his earliest convenience. I believe he has had my best interests in mind and has been considerate of my time and financial situation. I highly recommend Jeff Powers and his law firm. ~ Jean Moore

Lying in a hospital bed after being struck on my motorcycle by an elderly woman in her 90s, having experienced a compound fracture, multiple titanium plates installed in my left leg, and about 20 screws, I knew I needed a lawyer to run interference between me, the medical providers, and insurance companies. Dealing with the hospital billing office would have been difficult for me as an individual with little knowledge of what types of settlements they might actually take. I needed a lawyer who was knowledgeable and experienced in these matters. I also knew that getting auto insurance companies to pay up would be best handled by a lawyer. The morass of laws, policies, procedures, etc., was more than I cared to tackle. I lacked the knowledge and leverage to deal with these corporate entities. I was already handicapped by my injury and needed to focus on healing, so I looked up injury lawyers online and I am now very glad I settled on Jeffrey Powers.

Mr. Powers came to see me in the hospital shortly after I called him. He went directly to the police station and got the accident report. I believe it was the same day that he had the insurance information on the driver who hit me, the policy limits, etc.. He also was able to get the Underinsured Motorist provision on my own policy to pay out.

My recovery took nearly six months start to finish with three hospital stays and surgical procedures. The hospital socked it to me. The care was very good, but the charges were exorbitant. Mr. Powers represented me with skill and got the hospital to reduce their bill to less than 20% of what they would have required me as an individual to pay. He made sure there was money remaining from the insurance settlement to compensate me for pain and suffering. The results he produced were beyond what I expected. ~Joseph (from Avvo)

Powers Law Group, was beyond helpful in my personal injury case. Mr. Powers kept me up to date and aware of what was taking place throughout my case. I was very pleased with the outcome of my settlement and I will refer my peers to this law firm. ~ Megan Smith (from Avvo)

I injured my knee at work and didn’t think that I needed to hire an attorney to help me with my workers’ compensation case. That was a huge mistake!  The nurse case manager who was assigned to my case, by the insurance company, was definitely not on my side. She kept meeting with my doctors and I believed she was trying to help me. It turns out that she was definitely not advocating for me but was a mouthpiece for the insurance company.  I quickly realized that the insurance company was more concerned with their bottom line than with my medical care, and I decided that I needed an advocate to represent ME, and I hired Jeff Powers at Powers Law Group.

Mr. Powers arranged for me to receive treatment at one of the best orthopaedic clinics in the country – The Hughston Clinic in Columbus, GA. Dr. Waldrop performed a successful surgery on my knee which allowed me to return to work (what I really wanted). Mr. Powers was also able to authorize all of my prescription medications, made sure that my weekly check was paid on time, and also ensured that I received my full mileage check to pay for my transportation costs (the insurance company never told me that I was entitled to this).

Mr. Powers filed several hearing requests for me because the insurance company would not authorize certain medical treatments for my knee such as injections which were ordered by doctors at the Hughston Clinic and knee surgery which was recommended by my doctor there.  In fact, the insurance company was ordered to pay Mr. Powers assessed attorney fees by the judge because they were so unreasonable because they denied medical treatment to me by my doctors.
Mr. Powers did a fabulous job and was able to get the knee surgery approved that allowed me to go back to work. All in all, I received a $90,000 recovery on my case.
I cannot recommend Powers Law Group highly enough. They truly care about people. That’s hard to come by in this day and age!