Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by Wanda M.

Wanda was injured working for a large clothing retail store in Savannah. She injured her neck while stocking shelves and she had to have neck surgery. Her claim was denied by the Employer. We were successful in getting the doctor to sign a medical narrative indicating that her neck surgery was the result of her work injury. At that point, we negotiated a settlement that the Client was happy with.


I would like to Thank you and the Powers Law Group for taking on my case, Thank you. – Wanda M.

Doye B. Workers Comp / Personal Injury

Workers Comp / Personal Injury Testimonial by Doye B.

I appreciate everything you guys did for me and I would definitely recommend somebody else that’s got an issue like mine and hopefully not worse.

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by Rhonda L.

Dusty was employed at a large hardware store and injured her knee on May 5, 2010. When she came to see us in September of 2017, her weekly workers compensation checks had been suspended and her claim was a medical only claim. Dusty had three knee surgeries and we were able to prove that she was going to need a knee replacement due to her work accident. As a result, the employer agreed to pay a significant settlement to resolve her case.

I’m so glad that Mr Christy referred me to y’all and that y’all took my case. You know I’ll always recommend y’all to anyone who needs a Attorney.

Y’all took a case that didn’t look like it was going to be anything and not much money and that no one wanted. And turned it into, hopefully getting me better…. and for that, I’m Grateful and Humbled.  I don’t think there’s enough kind words for all of you in that Office.

Thank you for making me feel very comfortable, answering my questions and making me feel comfortable and like family. Y’all have been absolutely awesome. And if you ever need music, just let me know.

God Bless

Assembly Line Workers Comp Macon

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by S.M.

This is an excellent law firm. They explain everything along the way. I would strongly recommend them to help you in your case.

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Motorcycle Accident Macon GA

Macon Workers Compensation Lawyer Testimonial by P.L.

Powers law firm handled my workers compemsation claim recently. All of the staff in the office and both of the attorneys were 100% professional and helpful throughout the process. Everyone did a great job with keeping me informed as well as taking care of any and all issues that I had. In the end I received a very fair settlement thanks to the team at powers law group. I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend this firm to everyone!


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Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by P.H.

Mr. Powers has been our family’s lawyer for many years.  Whenever we need advice, we know who to call.  I knew that I was in good hands when Jeff told me that our chances at trial in Twiggs County were less than favorable.  I trust this law firm and would not hesitate one bit to refer anyone I know to Powers Law Group.  If you have been hurt, please call them to help you.

personal injury accident lawyer macon

Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial by G. Carswell

The Client was in a wreck with a DUI driver. We obtained the policy limits in the case. The client wrote the following about us:

Thanks for all of your help Powers Law Group. – Germany Carswell

– Germany Carswell

personal injury accident lawyer macon

Macon Workers Comp Lawyer Testimonial by M. Hayman

I got hurt back in December, 2014. I was having a hard time dealing with workers comp and I moved about a year and half after my injury. Once I was established in Macon, I found Powers Law Group that specializes in several areas. Workers compensation, was one of their specialties. I gave them a call and within a few days had my consultation, I was able to get more done in 6 months with them than had been done the whole time I was dealing with workers comp on my own. After a lot of doctor visits and testing I was finally able to find out what was wrong. I received my settlement check today and was happy with the out come. If you or someone you know needs a good lawyer they are who you need to see!!! Thank you Powers Law Group for everything!

– M. Hayman

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personal injury accident lawyer macon

Workers Comp Testimonial by SM

I injured my back and after 8 months of getting the run around, Powers law group helped me get the medical help I needed. I had surgery and was back to work faster than expected. They are very professional and courteous, staff included was more concerned with my health than anything. I also received a settlement that will definitely help with a difficult year. Highly recommend!

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personal injury accident lawyer macon

Workers Comp Testimonial by DP

I hired Powers Law firm to handle my worker’s compensation case. This was a lengthy, involved situation due to my former employer’s efforts to resolve my case in a most favorable outcome for themselves! Through persistence with Powers Law firm I received a good settlement and lifetime medical care for my work related injury.

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personal injury accident lawyer macon

Personal Injury Testimonial by W. Broach

Jeff and Adam along with their entire office staff provided outstanding, professional service that easily handled my case. They took care of everything and answered every question that I had about the process. I would definitely use their services again.

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personal injury accident lawyer macon

Personal Injury Testimonial by Mother of Taylor B.

One of the best as I used once before and I knew Powers would be perfect for my daughters case,we were both very pleased with the outcome as the whole office kept in touch during the whole process from start to finish…One of the best.

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Workers Comp Testimonial by Candace M.


Conversation with Candace M.

JNP (Atty. Powers) – How was your experience with our firm this time?

CM – It was pretty smooth going with you Jeff, I have dealt with you before and I knew what to expect this time.

JNP – Would you recommend us to other people who need a lawyer?

CM – Of course I would recommend you to other people.

JNP – Why would you recommend us?

CM – Well I believe that everyone has been courteous, everyone has answered questions, any questions that I have had. Even on my fussy days. Everyone has been real courteous and helpful.

JNP – Are you satisfied with your result?

CM – Yes I am satisfied. Thank you Jeff I really appreciate you.




Workers Comp Testimonial by Maureen O.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Maureen O.


Conversation with Maureen O.

JNP – Maureen how was your experience at Powers Law Group?

MO – I love Jeff and I love the staff, Amy has been wonderful and I can’t say enough about anyone that has any issues per any cases I highly recommend seeing Jeff and the crew. They are fabulous.

JNP – And how is your experience dealing with workers comp and what happened to you at Belks?

MO – Workman’s comp is a nightmare and the insurance that goes with working at Belk has been a nightmare, but through it all even though they were late in payments, Jeff was on top of it and he was able to get payments to me so that I would not be evicted from my home. He was able to deal with cases and deal with my insurance and deal with my medical bills that could not have been handled if it wasn’t for Jeff and the crew.

JNP – Are you glad it is over with?

TG – Yes sir. Thank the Lord.



Personal Injury Testimonial Macon

Personal Injury Testimonial by Corey L.

He did awesome the whole way. Thank you so much.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Timothy G

Our client rolled his ankle working for a tree removal company.  The insurance company was difficult because they would not allow him to see a doctor immediately.  He hired us and we were able to schedule him with an orthopaedic surgeon who specialized in lower extremity injuries.  After surgery on his ankle and once he was released to return to light duty restrictions we settled the case for $110,000.

Conversation with Timothy G.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers) – What did you look for in a law firm when you made a decision to hire somebody?

TG (Timothy G.) – I looked for you to take over my case and guide it through the whole process and you have done great the whole time and I couldn’t be more thankful.

TG – Have you hired us before?

TG – Yes sir, once before and you helped me out then too and you helped great with this time also.

JNP – What kind of challenges did you face while you were involved in this workers comp injury?

TG – Just pain, suffering, going from living lavish to not having a thing, losing things, but everything pulled through and it is going to be great from here on out.

JNP – What are you going to do now?

TG – Going to get my CDL and make a career for myself and take care of my family and that is the only thing I am worried about.

JNP – Are you glad it is over with?

TG – Yes sir. Thank the Lord.



Personal Injury Workers Comp Testimonial by Tyler M.

Personal Injury & Workers Comp Testimonial by Tyler M.

Tyler was injured in a car wreck while working for employer.  He hurt his back and neck.  He did not require surgery and was able to go back to work without restrictions, but unfortunately they fired him because he got hurt on the job.  Since he was released to full duty, the insurance company stopped paying workers comp benefits.  Powers Law Group settled both cases for $55,000 and was able to have the subrogation lien dismissed.

Conversation with Tyler M.

Tyler: Y’all did a first class job.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers): What did you look for in a law firm when you decided to hire somebody?

Tyler: Somebody that wasn’t going to play around, beat around the bush, drag it out. You got it done and over with, man I appreciate that. Ya’ll helped me get in to see the doctor and get therapy right away.

JNP: What kind of challenges did you face from the insurance companies while you were getting treatment?

Tyler: It was tough, they, but y’all pulled it off. Y’all aint no TV lawyers I can tell ya that. I get so sick of seeing those commercials.

JNP: Would you recommend us to other people?

Tyler: Absolutely, Absolutely. Y’all got me from now on.

JNP: And you feel like we treated you fairly and efficiently?

Tyler: Oh yea, absolutely.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Robert Z.

Workers Comp Testimonial by Robert Z

Client suffered back injury while working as a maintenance mechanic for his employer.  He needed assistance as the insurer would not let him see a specialist.  Powers Law Group helped him work through the maze of the workers comp system and get him the medical care he needed which included surgery on his back.  The case settled for $137,500 after a long two year litigation battle.

Conversation with Robert Z.

JNP (Atty. Jeffrey N. Powers) – Robert, how was your experience here and being represented by Powers Law Group for your workers comp case.

RZ (Robert Z.) – My experience here was above and beyond. Way more than what I anticipated and thought. Jeff you are awesome. If I had to compare you to someone, it would be compared to Barak Obama. You pull things out that you never thought that would ever happen.

RZ- And I want to tell you thank you for everything that you have done, you and your whole entire staff has been courteous beyond, I couldn’t believe from the time I walked through the door to the time I leave, the courteous can be awesome.

RZ- Happy is an understatement. I am very elated that you represented me in the highest and utmost respect. Yes Jeff, Thank you and Thank you and Thank you. I got tears in my eyes from how handled this.

JNP- Thank you very much, I really appreciate that.


Workers Comp Testimonial by Chris Z

Conversation with Chris Z.

  • Yall been real good. Yall have. Anything I ask to do your secretaries knew more about, I’m from the woods. I ain’t stupid but I just note know much of these $50 words, but uhh…they tell me right off the bat whatever that doctor say they can tell me what it was.   I kinda always thought they had a medical degree or something cause they could tell me more of what ya know they would. I know I would get angry sometimes, I’m real hot tempered but I need to apologize if I get excited sometimes. But yall did a real good job Jeff. And I told you that the other day. Yall went way out of yall’s way to make , it didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would but it, I can live off of this. I can get on disability now and I can buy me a place to live and I can live off of disability.

JNP: What did you think about the workers compensation process?

  • If it hadn’t been for yall I wouldn’t got done or been able to do this, ya know workers comp they, every time I call yall when they didn’t want to agree to an operation, your secretary was on it the same day. And a lot of times the next day id be approved about something.

AB: Would you tell other people to call us?

  • I will, ya. I’ll tell other people to call you and you did a real good job. I aint just saying this, cause I’m honest yall know that. Yall did a real good job.

JNP: You ready to move on with your life?

  • Yea, I’m going to have to be off radar again I know that. But I just don’t want to do it right now.

AB: Did you like the doctor who operated on you?

  • The doctor was good, but he, just some of the stuff, he did a good job on me, but I got hurt at work on that bulldozer, but for 6 months he had done a real good job. I was in bad shape, I couldn’t even walk before, until I got my shot. I couldn’t even stretch my leg out. The next day he had me in there getting a shot.

AB: Jeff came out and saw you in the hotel room you were living in?

-Yea, and I was, had had one shot then and I was still humped over. But I was in bad shape and I am matter of fact. I got me a buck so I can hunt, and I’m picking it up tomorrow. I can’t tote my lock on….. (in audible)

But I appreciate what yall have done for me.

Ms. Tillman

Personal Injury Testimonial by Ms. Tillman

I was very happy with Powers Law Group. They were good to me and they put me first. I will recommended them to any of my friends and family that need help.